Rugged Edges Shines Too

Most of us have been subtly trained to resent ourselves for being human. What makes us beautiful rests solely in our rough edges and imperfections, yet we are encouraged to polish them away to strive towards society's faux excellence or misconstrued persona of success.

The pursuit of perfection is so common that we don’t even recognize the intense pressure it puts on us. To most of us, it just feels normal. We’re constantly told that if you want to make more money, optimize your business. If you want to have more sex, sculpt an attractive physique. If you want to get a promotion, make your boss look good. If you want to take your life to the next level, keep pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

While much of this is more or less true, it misses the point entirely; it forces you to scrub away the parts that make you authentic, unique and the irreplaceable you. It’s little more than a denial of self. It sends the message that you are somehow flawed.

Whatever happened to just accepting yourself for the beautiful imperfect human you are? Isn’t that better than withholding love and respect for yourself until you become someone you’re not?


  • When someone give you a compliment, take a moment to take it in and say ‘Thank you’ instead of negating or deflecting.

  • Talk to yourself as you would your best friend or loved one...and give yourself extra credit for using those terms of endearment like "It's ok honey".

  • When you make a mistake, say “It’s ok – we are all human".

At the end of the day, remember this: to give your best, you have to feel your best. Invest in yourself, spend time doing what you love, and be kind and compassionate when you make mistakes. You are deserving of all the love and attention in the world.

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