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Having ownership of something means you have the authority to determine and regulate who has access to it. One of the boldest, most daring ways you can love yourself is to own your story. When you own your story, you hold the keys to the outline, you take possession of the directional flow, you embrace your full potential of growth and you unleash the past to reclaim your future. Taking possession of who you are and the chronicles that it involves means that you get to be present for the revealing of hidden truths, uncovered experiences and submerged agendas; you have a front row seat to the premier of your best kept secret, you.

B.O.S.S. Up: Release the Past and Reclaim Your Future is an up close and personal journey of trials and tribulations that seemed to have a dead-end effect at every corner of life. When life is relentless with convincing you that what you see is what you get, it's hard to believe you have the power to cause mountains to move or the authority to bring forth the breath of life to dead bones. 

God Doesn’t Want You to Be Broke is a collection of short stories from women you have walked the same path as you. They share their powerful testimonies of losing it all and having the courage to believe in a better tomorrow, bankruptcy, making millions, and even feeling unworthy for what God had blessed them with financially. 


This book is for Christians who are looking for an honest perspective about money. These stirring stories are just a few examples of how with God, you too can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As your journey through this book, you may find your own story hidden between the pages. 

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Has life ever felt overwhelming or challenging? Do you know what it's like to fight and struggle just to exist? If you answered yes to either question, then I have something for you. "Renegotiating Greatness" is a collaboration of 21 authors that share their journey of how they overcame life obstacles that nearly took them out. Had it not been for divine interception, passion, promises, and determination, they too would have succumbed to the perilous fight. 

This compilation of amazing testimonies will not only inspire you in your journey, but they will motivate you to keep pushing beyond self- and socially-imposed obstacles and guide you to your ultimate destination.